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About Robert M Corprew

Robert M Corprew was born September 21, 1948 in Bainbridge, Georgia. At the age of eight years old he moved to Newark, New Jersey. He graduated from West Side High School in 1966. He also attended Sigma Business College for one year, after which he pursued a career in Computer Operation and Programing. In 1968, Robert was drafted into the Military Service where he was stationed in Germany.  Robert is married to Barbara and they have eight beautiful children. In 1981 he was freely delivered from the bondage of alcohol and drug abuse. In 1988 Robert Corprew received a call to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The call was to help people to learn to Live A Better Life and how to become Successful Christians. Robert Corprew teaches the Word of God with Boldness and Simplicity dealing with issues of life such as Substance Abuse, Marriage, Emotional, and Money Problems. Tune into your local cable channel to view a Television Broadcast in your area. Robert Corprew is the Pastor and founder of Faith Love Christian Church / Robert Corprew Ministries Located in Newark, New Jersey. Pastor Corprew is also affiliate with Creflo Dollar Ministerial Association (CDMA) under the direction of Dr. Creflo Dollar Jr., Senior Pastor of World Changers Church International.