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Saturday, December 19 2015

Satan has deceived the church through religion. Religion puts no value on the Written Word of God. Satan has also deceived Christians into thinking that there is no value in going to church because we live in modern times, but the bible tells us not to forsake ourselves of coming together with precious like saints that believe on The Lord Jesus Christ. God says I am The Lord thy God and I Change Not, Jesus Christ the same today, yesterday, and forever. Satan wants us to stay away from the teaching of God's Word so that he can lead us into defeat. His plan is and always has been to steal, to kill, and to destroy our lives. God's Plan for our lives is for us to live in Victory in every area of our lives. His plan is Written in His Word. Don't allow Satan to steal the Good Life God has already provided for you. God's got a plan for each one of us it's in His Written Word. We must learn to correspond ( agree ) with what the Word of God has already done and stop trying to get God to do what was already finished on the cross. To Worship God is to do His Word. To Love God is to do His Word. ( Hebrews 10:25 & 13:8 & Malachi 3:6 * Mark 4:15 ) MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAVE A BLESS NEW YEAR


Robert & Barbara Corprew

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