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Saturday, November 28 2015
''LIVING THE LIFE OF FAITH pt 5 FAITH Comes by Hearing and Hearing and Hearing and Hearing and Hearing and Hearing and Hearing, by the Word of GOD. Notice I did not say that FAITH Comes by having Heard, the Word of GOD. Your FAITH MATURES by HEARING. You can develop faith in anything. So then WHAT are You HEARING ? FAITH in the Word of GOD Comes by HEARING the Word of GOD ( CONSISTENTLY ). FAITH is a Practical Expression of Your Confidence in GOD and in His WORD. Simply stated FAITH is ACTING out on what You BELIEVE. ''IF'' ( an action or condition word ) IF You Believe it then do it, is a simple way to say it. '' LET'S FARM OUR FAITH'' The Word of GOD is a Seed. Luke 8:11 says: The Seed Is The Word Of God. Seed has to be planted. ''FOOD FOR THOUGHT'' IF you buy some Tomato Seeds and leave them in the envelope, you won't get or harvest any tomatoes. Like wise IF You don't take the Word of God Seed out of the bible You won't harvest or get what's in the book. Just like the ground or soil is where you plant Tomato Seeds. We must LEARN and UNDERSTAND where and how to plant The Word of God Seed. OUR HEARTS IS THE GROWING GROUND FOR WORD OF GOD SEED.
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