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Saturday, December 12 2015


''WE MUST FARM OUR FAITH TO GET RESULTS'' HOW? Well let's first remember that our hearts have been designed to grow words. So then we need to know how to get words into the ground of our hearts, and then we need to recognize whose words we are planting in the ground of our hearts. We have three entrances to the ground of our hearts. The first entrance is our Ears. The Bible tells us to Take Heed To What We HEAR ( Mark 4:24 ). The second entrance to the ground of our hearts is our Eyes. The Bible says Don't let The Word of God Depart From Your Sight-EYES ( Proverbs 4:21-23 ). The third entrance to the ground of our hearts is our Mouths. The Bible says out of the Abundance of Your Heart Your MOUTH will speak ( Matthew 12:34 ). Please do this for yourself read Proverbs 4:20-27 and be Encouraged. It says to ATTEND to The Word of God, KEEP the Word of God before your EYES, KEEP The Word of God going into your EARS, KEEP The Word of God coming out of your MOUTH. Please Receive This: You have been programed by the words that you put in your hearts by way of your Eyes, Ears, and Mouth. WORDS ARE PROCESS STARTERS OF ALL LIFE

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