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Saturday, October 31 2015
''LIVING THE LIFE OF FAITH'' pt 2 We shared that Living by Faith is a Prescribed Way of Living, as written in the Bible, our book of Instructions. We learned that Faith is Acting on what you Believe. What we put in us is what we will Act on or Live by. Now Faith comes by hearing, and hearing, and hearing. NOTICE; I did not say Faith comes by having Heard, but by Hearing. My question to you is What are you HEARING ? We program our own lives by the WORDS that we put in us. How do Words get us you ask ? ONLY Three Ways, by our Ears, what we Hear, by our Eyes, what we See, and by our Mouths, by what we Speak. Words will Dictate the Directions of our lives. Our Hearts are the Storing Ground, or Container for Words, no matter whose Words we put in us. Good or Bad, Wrong or Right, Satan's or GOD'S Words. Words will Direct our Lives or our Faith Walk. What or whose Words you have in your Hearts in ABOUNDANCE is what will come out of your mouth and is what you will Act on, or have Faith in. Let's Learn To Live By FAITH In GOD'S WORD Posted by Robert Corprew Ministries at 7:02 AM
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